TOEIC Scoreis used to judge English proficiency of candidates. Usually adds up to a scale from 10 to 990 points. It is accepted by organizations & corporations worldwide.

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Each candidate is allocated an individual score for listening và reading comprehension on a scale from 5 lớn 495 points

The certificate contains photo and signature of the candidate.

Since the proficiency cấp độ of a language keeps on changing depending on its usage, the TOEIC score is valid upto 2 years from the day of result declaration.

Must Read TOEIC Preparation Tips

How to lớn Get TOEIC Score Certificate?

ETS sends the official TOEIC Score Certificate lớn the test takers through post within 30 days from the demo day.

Candidates can also select “Score Display Service”.

This will allow them lớn see the result online one week before it is posted.

However, this service is available to selected countries.

If the test was conducted by any institutional partners then the scores can be accessed through them only.

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TOEIC Listening và Reading test Scores

The Listening Test & Reading chạy thử is scored on a scale of 5 – 495 each. Total score adds up to a scale range of 10 – 990 points và are linked to lớn CEFR màn chơi A1 lớn C1.

TOEIC Score Analysis

The listening and Reading thử nghiệm scores are just numbers & what those numbers represent must be known. How the scores are interpreted in proficiency level of the thử nghiệm taker is mentioned below:

Score LevelPercentage ScoredProficiency Description
905 – 99091 – 100International Professional Proficiency
785 – 90079 – 90Working Proficiency Plus
605 – 78061 – 78Limited Working Proficiency
405 – 60041 – 60Elementary Proficiency Plus
255 – 40026 – 40Elementary Proficiency
10 – 2500 – 25Basic Proficiency

TOEIC Score Conversion Table

Candidates are awarded one mark for each correct answer in listening test and reading thử nghiệm as well. Maximum raw score can be 100 which is converted khổng lồ a highest scale score of 450 using the below conversion chart of raw score to lớn TOEIC score. Candidates can predict their scale score from their raw score with the help this chart:


TOEIC Speaking and Writing kiểm tra Scores

Speaking thử nghiệm Score

Questions 1 – 9 are scored on a scale of 0 – 3.

Questions 10 – 11 are scored on a scale of 0 – 5.

Test is scored on a scale of 0 – 200.

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Scores are associated to lớn 8 proficiency levels.

Correlated to lớn CEFRL levels of A1 to lớn C1.

Writing test Scores

Questions 1 – 5 are scored on a scale of 0 – 3.

Questions 6 – 7 are scored on a scale of 0 – 5.

Question 8 is scored on a scale of 0 – 5.

The thử nghiệm is scored on a scale of 0 – 200.

Scores are associated lớn 9 proficiency levels.

Correlated to CEFRL levels of A1 lớn C1.

Multiple ETS certified raters score the responses as Human Rating.

TOEIC Bridge Test

The Bridge kiểm tra includes Listening Test & Reading demo which are scored on a scale of 10 – 90 respectively. The total score can be derived from adding the two scaled scores.

Listening Test: Scaled Score of 10 – 90

Reading Test: Scaled Score of 10 – 90

Referred lớn CEFRL màn chơi A1 to lớn B1.

TOEIC Scores to CEFRL levels A1 lớn C2

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) defines skills in reading, writing, listening & speaking in any language. Its framework is broken into six levels falling into three main groups:

A1 – A2Basic User
B1 – B2Independent User
C1 – C2Proficient User

ETS carries out correlation studies between its tests score and CEFR to lớn ensure that reliable and precise correlations are made from time khổng lồ time.