The inkey list retinol serum review


I’ve used a few products from The Inkey danh mục since they launched, & I must say that it is an affordable brand that impresses me. I have since lost count of the new products launched since, but I might get round lớn trying them some day.


One of the products that I was most keen lớn try back then was The Inkey danh mục Retinol serum.

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The packaging was damaged in my first order, but I later reordered it, because I was started to lớn get into retinol serums, & this fascinated me at how affordable it was!

Like all retinol serums, it takes me ages to khung an opinion about them, or even to chia sẻ a review, because retinol takes time lớn show results. It most certainly isn’t a magic wand, and it can cause more harm than good, if not properly used. Hence, I always exercise caution và I advise everyone to bởi the same