Hướng dẫn chơi fifa 12 bằng bàn phím


One of the most important changes FIFA 12 brings to lớn PC players who still like to lớn play with their keyboards, is the ability khổng lồ customize the keyboard controls.

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If you remember, most of the PC Gamers experienced difficulties in performing all the skills and tricks with FIFA 11 Keyboard Controls. In FIFA 12, it has become even more challenging to lớn customize the keyboard controls in a way that would allow you to persize all the FIFA 12 Skills/Tricks.

To counter this issue, EA offered the ability lớn customize the PC keyboard controls with in-game menu options. Add khổng lồ that a workaround discovered that would give you the freedom to lớn customize the controls even further but if that doesn’t cut it, there is a way to use your older FIFA 11 controls in FIFA 12, if you are comfortable with FIFA 11 keyboard controls in the first place.

Customize FIFA 12 Keyboard Controls – Attack

Go to Settings > Controller & Press Enter on any button to lớn assign a button of your choice there. See the screenshot of attacking keyboard controls below. You can edit any of these – Press Enter, assign the button of your choice.

Standard attaông xã options, you can change them to lớn what you are used to when playing FIFA đoạn Clip games.

Menu options & standard squad controls. You should be fine with menu option controls but for squad controls, you may need khổng lồ assign them to lớn your thumb or something so you can change the tactics on the go. Though, I feel default options are your best shot!

Now dribbling is a bit more difficult this time. You will need lớn practice placing one finger on Numpad controls for precision dribbling or performing skill moves. It will require a great giảm giá of practice for default controls but if you can assign to these controls those keyboard buttons that you can press with thumb, it may get easier to vị these skills.

Customize FIFA 12 Keyboard Controls – Defending

Press CTRL to move to lớn the next screen of your Controller Settings. It will take you to the defending controls page. You can edit these controls the same way you did for Attaông chồng. Defending is a daunting task in FIFA 12.

Automatic tackling has been reduced to lớn minimal & manually tackling requires a great deal of practice & timing before you can successfully defover your goal. Containing has been changed & automatic pressing removed, so defending in FIFA 12 is a different ball game compared to lớn what we were used lớn in earlier FIFA games.

Standard defending controls.

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You can change them lớn your liking or khổng lồ whatever you used in earlier FIFA video games. Important controls here are Contain S & Teammate Contain D. You can contain an attacking player with S – it will only place your player in front of the attack, no automatic tackles remember.

You will still have to lớn time your tackle to lớn get the ball from the opposing player. Teammate Contain calls a teammate inlớn action khổng lồ contain an opposing dribbler. Your teammate defending the attachồng will only tackle if he sees opportunity.

Jockeying is also important – it helps you defend counter attacks. Pressing the button assigned here will drop bachồng your defenders so your other defensive players have sầu time khổng lồ recover.

You can also tackle the opposing player while jockeying but it is a risky move sầu and if failed, will leave you out of position and may give a clear goal scoring opportunity to the attacker.

Standard menu options and other tactical options that I have sầu already gone through while explaining attaông xã controls.

In these controls, Offside Trap & Team Press are two of the important defensive maneuvers you need khổng lồ master. Try to assign, an easier to access button khổng lồ Offside Trap or assign the one you are used to lớn.

It will require some practice but would really help you keep a highline of defense against the toughest of opponents. These are the controls that most of the people neglect while playing FIFA games, but those who master them, have advantage over their opponents in verses matches.

Configuring FIFA 12 Keyboard Controls – Editing ini File

If you are not satisfied with in-game options that FIFA 12 gives you to lớn customize keyboard controls, you can edit buttonDataSetup.ini khổng lồ get your desired keyboard controls. Search the tệp tin with “keyboard” keyword và edit the button mapping as you want. This has been explained in detail in our FIFA 12 Crashes troubleshooting guide.

Use FIFA 11 Keyboard Controls For FIFA 12

Now this workaround worked for FIFA 12 chạy thử, so I am hoping this would work for the retail version, though I haven’t tested it yet. If any of you try this, please mô tả your feedback. The workaround is to lớn swap your FIFA 11 buttonDataSetup.ini with your FIFA 12 buttonDataSetup.ini. It is explained in detail in our FIFA 12 Custom Controls post.