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IMPORTANT: Model and hardware version availability varies by region. Please refer khổng lồ your dautri.mobi regional website lớn determine product availability.

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A firmware update can resolve issues that the previous firmware version may have and improve its current performance.

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To Upgrade

IMPORTANT: To prevent tăng cấp failures, please read the following before proceeding with the tăng cấp process

Do NOT turn off the power during the nâng cấp process, as it may cause permanent damage to lớn the hàng hóa.To avoid wireless disconnect issue during firmware upgrade process, it's recommended khổng lồ upload firmware with wired connection unless there is no LAN/Ethernet port on your dautri.mobi device.It's recommended that web7_users stop all Internet applications on the computer, or simply disconnect Internet line from the device before the upgrade.Use decompression software such as WinZIPhường. or WinRAR lớn extract the file you download before the tăng cấp.

TL-R480T+(UN)_v9_9.0.3 Build 20200313

New Feature/Enhancement:

1. Upgrade webserver's HTTPS encryption suite TLS version khổng lồ 1.2.

2. Add DHCPhường Option 66, Option 150, Option 159, Option 160, Option 176 and Option 242.

3. One-to-One NAT supports the loopbaông xã function of the WAN port.

4. Add HTTPS website hệ thống enable/disable button.

5. Support lớn obtain SNMPhường. information through WAN port & VPN connection.

6. Support IPv4 Local Scope IPhường. address

7. Optimize the mechanism of the session limit function.

8. Firewall optimization for PCI DSS vulnerability scanning.

9. Optimized the MAC address (WAN/LAN port) modification mechanism. If the MAC address in the backup file is not modified, the device will keep the default MAC address after restoring the backup file.

10. Optimize the DHCP Server mechanism, LAN devices can obtain IP addresses faster.

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11. UPnPhường. supports adding random codes to lớn URL lớn prsự kiện DNS Rebinding attacks.

12. Daylight saving time is adjusted from GMT khổng lồ UTC.

13. Security vulnerability optimization.

Bug Fixed:

1. Fix the bug that URL Filtering is unsuccessful when accessing a trang web subdirectory with “/”.

2. Fix the bug that the backup WAN port will not restore PPPoE dialing automatically when deleting the Link Backup entries.

3. Fix the bug that LAN PC may not be able to lớn upload data to an external server.

4. Fix the bug that the UPnP.. NewExternalIPAddress interface cannot correctly obtain the IP address of WAN port.


1. For TL-R480T+ (UN) 9.0 only.

2. Your device's configuration won't be lost after upgrading.


Modifications and Bug Fixes1. Add the tư vấn of DNS proxy based TCP;2. Add multi WANs selection for NAT/Policy Routing/primary WAN of Link Backup;3. Add Only, Priority two modes for Policy Routing feature;4. Add two sub-modes of Failover mode for Link Backup feature;5. Enhance contents of System Log module;6. Enhance the stability of the router;7. IP-MAC Binding entries will no longer take effect when ARPhường Spoofing Defense is disabled.;8. Web filtering changes to lớn case-insensitive;9. DDNS can create entries for different domain names with the same account;10. Fix the issue that DHCPhường hệ thống will hang when modifying it after assigning IP lớn clients with the same name.11. Fix the issue that the WAN opens multiple ports by mặc định.

Note:For TL-R480T+ V9.0


Modifications và Bug Fixes:

Modifications & Bug Fixes:1. Enhanced the stability of Load Balance và dial-up from WAN.2. Enhanced the bandwidth control.3. Add the bulk import option in ARP scanning.4. Fix the Security hole like zero-day and dnsmasq.5. Fix the problem of Virtual Server can't open the same port for multi-WAN.6. Fix the problem of data stop transmit from LAN khổng lồ WAN after changing LAN IPhường and reboot.7. Fix the problem of DDNS issue.8. Fix the problem of static routing via LAN interface.9. Enhanced the performance of CPU usage.

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Notes:For TL-R480T+(UN) V9

Sử dụng Firmware của bên thứ 3 bên trên sản phầm dautri.mobi

Một số firmware bằng lòng của những sản phẩm dautri.mobi hoàn toàn có thể được sửa chữa bởi firmware của bên đồ vật bố chẳng hạn như DD-WRT. dautri.mobi không cung cấp sự việc hỗ trợ kỹ năng và bảo vệ tính năng cũng như tính bình ổn của firmware bên đồ vật bố. khi thành phầm bị hỏng sợ hãi vày sử dụng firmware của bên trang bị 3 thì cơ chế bảo hành thành phầm sẽ ảnh hưởng vô hiệu hóa.

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