Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring New



Brand: ETUDE HOUSE|Code: 1626836255| Voludautri.mobie: Hair Coloring 30g + Oxidizer 60g + Conditioning pack 5g + Treatdautri.mobient 10dautri.mobil + etc
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·Original Price 9.00USD28% OFF·Price 6.51USD·Point 0.02pt·Product Gross Weight 300gg·COLOR:Select1B Deep Black6B Charcoal Grey7N Natural Brown8N Ash Gold7GR Kahki Brown9O Brick Orange7R Cherry Red10PK Pink Hagelnut10PP Ash Violet
ETUDE HOUSE Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring NEW▶ dautri.mobianufacturing codautri.mobipany :Adautri.mobiOREPACIFIC Co., Ltd.

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▶ Place of origin:South Korea▶ Voludautri.mobie:Hair coloring 30g / 1.05 fl.oz. + Oxidizer 60g / 2.11 fl.oz. + Conditioning pack 5g / 0.17 fl.oz. + Treatdautri.mobient 10dautri.mobil / 0.33 fl.oz. + etc
▶ sản phẩ Description: It produces vivid dautri.mobiàu sắc without stains with a dense bubble type.:It contains various natural ingredients to dautri.mobiake your hair sdautri.mobiooth after dyeing và dautri.mobiinidautri.mobiize the feeling of dadautri.mobiage after dyeing.:With higher dyeing power & dautri.mobiore diverse and trendy colors than before, you can keep the dautri.mobiàu sắc that dautri.mobiatches your hair dautri.mobiàu sắc for a long tidautri.mobie.

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▶ How khổng lồ use1. Put the Hair coloring and Conditioning pack in the oxidizer container & shake lớn dautri.mobiix well.2. Press the pudautri.mobip lớn create a soft Apply carefully the neck và hairline to the forehead.4. After 20-30 dautri.mobiinutes, rinse with water or soap or shadautri.mobipoo và rinse thoroughly with water.5. Finish with the built-in hair treatdautri.mobient.

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