Maelstrom 240 gamer storm cpu liquid cooler


With the success of its air coolers, Deepcool"s người chơi Storm brand is now also getting into the AIO market with its latest Maelstrom liquid coolers.

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The chart that Deepcool has provided for the gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 is sort of hit và miss with their information, but we bởi see good information, even if displayed haphazardly. The chart begins by discussing the "main system" dimensions, which is what is typically referred to lớn as the head unit. The head unit measures 7mm from side lớn side, but 85.6mm if you include the swivel và ninety degree fittings, và it stands 31.5mm tall on đứng top of the CPUs IHS. They also bởi not mention here that it features a plastic casing, which displays the gamer Storm logo, or even that it lights up when powered.

Now we can move on lớn the all-aluminum radiator that is 274mm in length, 120mm in width, và sticks with the 27mm thickness of most other AIOs on the market. They also make no mention of the twelve inches of tubing used to lớn connect the two, nor bởi vì they mention that it uses a corrugated plastic covering to lớn keep it from kinking, or getting damaged from vibration eating into the tube.

Here is where things get a bit tricky to understand. They tell us that they supply two 120mm fans that đứng đầu out at around 2200 RPMs, but just below, we see some astronomical specs for these fans, & here we assume they added the fans together for these figures, as our results bởi vì not reflect that level of airflow coming from each of them alone. The rest of the chart is pretty solid for what information is provided for power draw of the fans & the head unit, but there is one other thing listed here that our testing showed lớn be drastically different, và that is the rotational speed of the pump in the head unit. While this chart shows the 2800 RPM as the maximum for these coolers, our sample spun up to lớn 6250 RPM as reported by AIDA64.

At the time of writing, we are still slightly ahead of the release of this product. Obviously, availability will get better than the nothing that is currently available, & via emails we were given the MSRP for the Maelstrom 240. We were told khổng lồ expect these lớn hit the market very near the $105.99 price point that bạn Storm has set. Comparing this to other dual radiator AIO release prices, we feel that gamer Storm has priced it right for what we get on paper. However, there still is the dreaded testing that we put all these coolers through to lớn see just how well they perform, & for now, we will keep our opinion on the pricing to ourselves until much later in the review.


We can see they don"t take much pride in boxing the samples they sent out khổng lồ reviewers, as ours was beat up really bad from the poor packing they put around this khổng lồ send it our way. Even though it"s squished, we can still see the logo và the cut-away rendering of the head unit, và at the bottom we have the product name, four features, & a look at the assembled AIO.

To the right, we find the red continues from the front along the bottom, & there we find four more features, & a QR code for the hàng hóa we see above it.

The bottom of the box also provides us with more information. Lớn the left we find nine features listed, và to the right, under the naming, we find a condensed specifications chart.

The back of the packaging offers six renderings with dimensions of the radiator & head unit of this Maelstrom 240. Off lớn the right, we are given the full danh mục of socket support that this cooler offers.

On the inside we found the Maelstrom 240 khổng lồ be in pretty decent shape. There are some minor scratches, and the recycled liner was broken near the head unit, but the inner packaging definitely saved this hàng hóa from the scrap heap, considering how bad it was beat up in transit.

Inside of this round, plastic, textured head unit, we find the cold plate & the pump contained under the screwed on cover. We also see the gamer Storm biệu tượng công ty right in the middle, which appears grey, but when the unit is powered, this biệu tượng công ty will illuminate with a trắng LED behind it.

This is also a first on any AIO; they placed a sticker on the side that says "Caution: No warranty if torn". In other words, they don"t want you popping the cap, or trying to get inside the head unit for any reason, or you will thua any warranty coverage of the entire product.

As most do, this head unit offers two swivel fittings, but they do not turn as far khổng lồ the sides as many others do. We also see that the tubing is stretched over the fittings, and has no clamps. The only other thing on the side of the head unit is the three-pin power nguồn lead for the pump, which is slightly out of focus to the right.

There was a plastic cap covering the base, but it did nothing to keep the TIM from getting messed with, or debris from getting into the TIM. Also, as we look around the edge of the cold plate, we see they used special safety screws that look lượt thích standard Allen heads, but they have a pin in the center to attempt lớn keep users from tampering with it.

Since we kiểm tra all coolers on the same TIM, we need lớn remove the stock goop anyways. What we find is a brushed finish left to lớn make liên hệ to the CPU. There is a bit of deviation as you get nearer khổng lồ the screws, but the majority of the mating surface is ever so slightly convex.

Moving away from the head unit, we find that there is twelve inches of tubing from fitting to fitting. As for the three-pin lead from the head unit, that is eleven inches in length, and if not powered from the motherboard fan header, that gives you plenty of room to get it to a fan hâm mộ controller or hub.

We see on the 27mm thick aluminium radiator that there are aluminium barbs that have the tubing stretched over them. Also, since we have now seen a copper base, and an aluminium radiator, we have to assume they are using a special coolant for mixed metals & anti-fungal/bacterial properties.

As with many AIOs, game thủ Storm did not change the fin arrangement in their AIO. Here we see the same super tight fin arrangement that we counted to have trăng tròn FPI.

Accessories and Documentation

We found the first bits of hardware inside of the bag, but they were not separated into other bags. We found the AMD brackets for the head unit, và there is a universal backplate to lớn go with this kit. We also get a metal case badge of the bạn Storm logo.

The rest of the kit was found in two other bags. The one to the left still has the phối of four LGA2011 mounting screws in it, but we removed the goodies from the other bag. There we found the LGA115X/1366 brackets, plastic isolation caps that lock the studs into the backplate, & four screws to lớn mount the head unit to lớn the rest of the hardware.

Off to lớn the right, we find fan hâm mộ screws for a single radiator kit since this was an early sample, but they have provided us (and the retail kits) with a full set to use. We also see the studs for the backplate, và four small screws at the bottom to lớn mount the brackets khổng lồ the head unit.

The web7_user manual provided covers everything you will need to know. Things start off with a checklist of goods, so you can be sure you have everything you need lớn get this AIO installed & running on your system. Both illustrations & text will guide you through any issues that may arise.

Gamer Storm is going lớn be releasing these GF120 fans, & there will also be 140mm versions available for purchase, but they are making their debut with this Maelstrom 240, and the 120. However, these fans will not be on the 120X. These are four-pin PWM, and the blades of these fans are completely removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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Installation and Finished Product

First things first: we need lớn prep the AIO before we get too far. Here we have added the hãng sản xuất intel mounting brackets, & sent the countersunk screws all the way trang chủ to make sure things are solid. We also had to polish the base slightly to remove all the nastiness và fingerprints we found; even under the pre-applied TIM.

We also went ahead and mounted the fans to lớn the radiator with the longer mix of screws. Another cool feature of these fans is that the frames are rubberized; so direct tương tác to the radiator will not cause any odd vibrations.

Here we have the backplate ready to install. To bởi vì this you need to lớn orient the studs correctly, and then slide on the plastic clips. The plastic clips will not only keep the studs in one place, but they will also isolate the steel plate from the back of the motherboard.

We had no issues with the backplate being too big for our specific motherboard, & now that the backplate is installed, we need lớn carefully flip over the motherboard, as there are no screws or tape lớn lock this in place for you.

The last thing we need to do to get the head unit mounted lớn our motherboard is lớn apply some paste, screw the thumbscrews in until they stop, và plug in the three-pin lead khổng lồ power it.

When the Maelstrom 240 is powered, the head unit will light up with the glow of a single trắng LED. On our sample, some of the scratches we mentioned are more visible now that the unit is illuminated.

Taking a step back from our kiểm tra system, we can see there is plenty of room lớn get this mounted in the đứng top of any accommodating chassis. We had enough room to strap the radiator outside of the chassis to lớn offer the most unobstructed air flow through this radiator.

Test System Setup, Thermal Tests and Noise Results

Test System Setup

I would first like to thank ASUS, InWin, Corsair, and Fractal Design for supplying products for me to kiểm tra with.

To see our testing methodology, & to find out what goes into making our charts, please refer khổng lồ our CPU Cooler Testing and Methodology article.

Thermal Results

For all testing, we allow the pump to lớn spin at full speed, & that is a tốc độ of 6250 RPM as denoted by AIDA64, which is way more than the specified 2800 RPM from the chart. At this point, we did limit the fans khổng lồ 7.5V, and we saw those spinning at 1530 RPM for this test.

After the duration of our testing, we took our readings for the stock CPU speed, và here we find the Maelstrom 240 to be pretty average with a temperature of 51.5 degrees. This is not the best AIO on our charts, but we are hoping for better results once the fans are set không tính phí to maximum RPM.

Even for this testing, after many reboots, we found the pump was still reporting 6200 RPM. However, this time the fans were allowed khổng lồ receive 12V for power, and they were turning at 2171 RPM for the overclocked testing.

This is where things got a bit disappointing. We can verify all of the parts are working by feel or sight; of course, we can see the fans spinning, and hear the increase of noise. However, for some reason, when it is all said và done, we find that the 74.75 degree average across our testing leaves the Maelstrom 240 at the bottom of the các mục for all AIOs we have tested in this chart. It is even being beaten by some $50 air cooling solutions as well.

Noise cấp độ Results

With only 7.5V coursing through these fan"s veins, the noise cấp độ is pretty respectable for an AIO. We got a reading of 36dB during our stock testing.

Once we applied full power lớn these fans, we were also given a healthy dose of noise to lớn go with it. We found the fans jumped right on into the stock cooler realm with our results reading 64dB on our meter.

Final Thoughts

The average web7_user is never going khổng lồ notice anything wrong with this unit; it is simple to assemble, does a decent job at stock CPU testing, and even with the PWM in control of the tín đồ speeds, the noise levels aren"t going khổng lồ bother you much either. Also, when generally speaking about its price, it is on par with other AIOs that compete with it. So, if you plan lớn buy this cooler for a system that you never plan khổng lồ overclock, it is a solid choice, but maybe you should still continue reading.

Outside of the lack of availability of Deepcool & Gamer Storm products inside of the U.S., which has been getting better since we started with them, you will still find this cooler hard lớn obtain. This will be true even when stock does hit shelves; there may only be one or two places like Amazon or eBay where you will be able locate one. If you are able khổng lồ obtain one, we don"t feel you will be all that impressed with its results if you vì plan on overclocking the processor a bit. While we realize that we could have had a defective unit, or it may have been damaged along with the packaging, we found our results to lớn be on par with what other đánh giá are showing. To us, this means that we have a solid unit; it is just sub-par out of the gate.

We did lượt thích the mounting hardware, but even here there are some faults. If you don"t align the studs correctly, the plastic clips will break when you are sliding them on. We also found that when screwing down the thumbscrews, the stud from the backplate will rise through the middle, & pop the screwdriver out of the head long before they are even tight, forcing you khổng lồ use pliers to lớn finish the job. Even then, we found the mounting pressure to lớn be on the weaker side of what we have seen in other AIOs.

While we get that Deepcool and Gamer Storm are cutting their teeth with these AIOs, we also realize this isn"t their own design, & AIOs have proven to be much more efficient from other companies. Looking back to the specifications of this cooler, even with all of that air flow, the serious impeller tốc độ of our unit, and the fact that the red and black theme matched so well with our D-Frame, we really cannot recommend this cooler in the grand scheme of AIOs. If this were a couple of years ago, & there was much more nguồn delivered to the head unit, then maybe we could; however, the fact is that we are on the third generation of AIOs, and even creeping into the fourth generation, so our standards are much higher.

In our opinion, buying the Maelstrom 240 would be taking a big step backwards since so many others are offering solutions that can cool up to lớn five degrees cooler, and some can even vì chưng better with much less noise. The game thủ Storm Maelstrom 240 just does not fall into any good categories, as it is too pricey for its performance, its loud, và only beats out seven other coolers on the charts, & one of them is the hãng intel stock cooler.

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